andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

April 12, 2006

Week 2006 04 09

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Cold water training frequency picking up as per chart above. The 14 degree swim was an 11km swim from Robben Island to 3 Anchor Bay as reflected in the middle of last week’s training log. It is a good progress indicator for English Channel training; the Channel is unlikely to be as cold, but is obviously 3 times the distance. I finished comfortably; the cold was no more than an irritation, but I doubt that I would cope with it for the time required to swim the Channel. Curiously, I felt some aches around the collar bones, and my neck was stiff; both may be explained by the choppy water.

Robben Island - 3 Anchor Bay 3 AB finish

The Robben Island to 3 Anchor Bay is the longer of the 2 traditional swims from Robben Island (the shorter swim is 7km to Blaauwberg), and the swimmer benefits from an experienced pilot as there is a strong current at right angles to the swimmer’s route into the narrow bay at the finish.

The swim took 3h25 mins at a speed of about 19 mins per km, which could be extrapolated into a Channel swim of just over 11 hours. However there is no way I would be able to maintain that pace in my current condition - in fact I doubt that I would be able to complete the Channel swim in my current condition. It highlighted the fact that my recent training has been limited to a 25m pool; my migration to longer, slower training sessions is both imminent and neccessary.

Pic 1 en route to Robben Island with Table Mountain in background

Pic 2 all open water swimmers have seen this photo of themselves ! 

Pic 3 closing in on 3 Anchor Bay; Lion’s Head & Table Mountain in picture 

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