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December 13, 2005

Week 2005 12 11

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I suppose that there’s a lesson here - the consistency does it: the 20km glass ceiling finally gave way. The rule of thumb is that a week’s training distance should be the same as the event distance. That makes my next target a 35km training week. Attendance at squad training sessions is reduced at this time of year(!) so I will try to kickstart my weight-training program in the 3 weeks that coach Brian Button suns himself at the beach.

I had the good fortune to have Kenny Craig as a guest at my home over the weekend - a 70 year-old man who has run 40 Comrades marathons consecutively! He has also run the 1400 km from Lands End to John O’Groats averaging about 110km daily for about two weeks at the age of 49. He certainly has practical ideas about how to approach & train for endurance events, but was extremely humble about asking & giving advice. That too is a lesson in itself, and far more appropriate than my testosterone-filled rugby background. He left me with three thoughts:

  • it’s not about the time, it’s about finishing
  • on training: use LSD (long slow distance!)
  • identify 3 core thoughts to concentrate on during the event.

I reciprocated with a copy of Tony Sellmeyer’s book "A Journal of Long Distance Swimming in South Africa" (see ). I certainly hope to stay in touch with Kenny both in the run-up to August next year, and also thereafter. He only (!) has to run two more Comrades’ to become the person who has run the most ever.

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