andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 30, 2007

2008 08 30 13h00

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After conferring with the crystal ball & my pirate it looks like a Monday 03h00 (UK) start - if the weather keeps to the plan. This has the benefit of getting away from the most extreme of the spring tides - which turn out to have been the most extreme of the year.
The early start also suits me fine, as my alarm clock has been set at 04h30 for the last 18 months to get to training before work, and it also means that I can get a couple of miles under my belt before the sun rises i.e. helps break the monotony of the long day at the office. Also, if all goes well, it means that I can finish in daylight - instead of keeping everyone up all night hunting the French coastline like last year!
Back to the pool & the pasta; gotta focus on the French champagne not the English beer - thanks Ryan! 

2007 08 30 Thursday 08h15 (UK)

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Meeting my pirate today to discuss battle plan with the weather. The wind is NW i.e. a favourable tail wind, but stronger than hoped for. The pirate believes that the current combination of wind & spring tide does not make for an easy swim, so it’s back to the local swimming pool to maintain condition. I hope that he is not gun-shy after last year’s episode, because if we are waiting for a perfect day then we’ll be here for the rest of the year.

After a week in Dover the White Horse pub, where all the successful swimmers scribble their names on the walls & ceiling, is just down the road from the pool & becoming more alluring!