andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

March 29, 2007

Week 2007 03 25

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Not breaking the sound barrier, but the consistency’s starting to look ok.

Missed training on Friday as we had to put down Cecilia’s favourite mare Silhouette after 36 hours of colic. At 22 years Silhouette was no youngster, but had had an illlustrious competitive career with numerous national titles to her name.



March 20, 2007

Monday 2007 03 05

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My friend Barend Nortje quietly slipped away & swam the 34.5km accross False Bay – only the 4th person to do so – in a record time of 9:17:03. I suppose that’s a valid excuse for missing the regular Clifton Sunday morning swim!

Visit Barend’s website at for Barend’s photo’s & notes.



Week 2007 03 18

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Didn’t train on Saturday. I had joined the South African contingent that had just returned from their successful Rottnest (Australia) swim at Granger Bay, including Gary Austin, the only South African to have completed more than one English Channel swim. We hoped to swim the longer Robbben Island swim, the 10.5 km to 3 Anchor Bay.

Unfortunately on our arrival at the island the conditions were far worse than initiallly expected, and the swim was called off in spite of Mel & Gary having lubed up & covered themselves in sunscreen to ward off the storm clouds & rain.

Week 2007 03 11

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March 6, 2007

Week 2007 03 04

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The week started off pretty well, but on Thursday night Cecilia & I had a bout of "irrational exuberance" and made serious inroads into our wine collection. On Friday I found a secluded part of the pool well away from the squad, and did just enough to appease my conscience for the day.
The Polar Bears’ regular mile swim at Clifton on the 1st Sunday of the month looked like good training for Dover – 12 degrees & a real washing machine!
To swim or not to swim?  
pic 1: to swim or not to swim!
pic 2: the bouy was lost beyond the beaking wave
pic 3: Ram (in white cap) reveling in the cold water! 

Week 2007 02 25

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