andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 24, 2006

Two days later

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Shit I was stiff & sore yesterday morning - too sore to even sleep; I was up again before 07h00 wandering around aimlessly trying not to wake everyone else. Regaining some sense of functionality now, but my wrists & shoulders are still stiff. I think the stiff wrists are a result of bracing in the uneven water, something which retarded forward progress.

My first thoughts when I climbed back in the boat (and promise to Cecilia) were two promises:

  1. I would have made it in semi-decent conditions
  2. Never again

The S-shaped track in the map below shows the actual route swum; the straighter light grey dotted line was the boat trip back to Dover. The S-shaped route is the result of the tidal push, first SW for about 3 hours, then NE for 6 hours, back SW, and then the final half-tide NE before abandoning the attempt.


The actual target & shortest route is to Cap Gris Nez (centre below on map). However the wind & swell had initially combined with the  tide and pushed me far further North than planned. When the tide turned South, the wind & swell opposed the tide, preventing me from getting below Cap Gris Nez & being washed towards the Cap or onto the open beach of Wissant to its’ right. Once past Calais, the coastline falls away fast, making landing impossible.