andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 21, 2006

Dover 2006 08 22

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Pilot Chris Osmond calls to confirm that the swim is on for tomorow 07h30. Because the tides have moved on since last week, I will start with the tide sweeping me in a southerly direction past Folkestone in order to try & finish in daylight, rather than the usual northern push. Nonetheless, given the time & weather constraints, I my estimated finishing time will at best still be after sunset.

As this is probably my last post before I swim, I must thank all of you who have posted comments on the site & sent emails to me - the support has been wonderful during the last week of cabin fever. I apologise for not responding individually to each of you, but getting access to the internet is not easy here. This is probably the only internet cafe’ in a 50km radius; all of those listed in the Yellow Pages etc have closed down, and only the 12 year olds knew where to find this one. Far better to have brought a laptop & a 3G card.

The window for tomorrow’s swim looks small; I’m not sure how many other swimmers will get away after me.

Dover 2006 08 21

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12h00 View of France

Just joking - a photo that David & Evelyn, the owners of Varne Ridge, emailed in January. 2nd photo of the usual training swim on the Dover harbour, a 2.25 km lap (summer weather genuine).



Hanging around on the cliff top at "home," Barend & Steve came for chat (pic 1). Barend will obviously take fewer strokes to France than I will (pic 2). Pic 3 of of the house where the South African contingent (John dickerson, Jonathan Crowther & Hugh Tucker etc) stayed in 2003