andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 16, 2006

Dover 16 Aug 2006

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08h30 Boat trouble - never got on board - went back to sleep at 05h00.

09h30 View of France

12h00 Caught up on some sleep. Four boats got away this morning, including fellow South African Lydia Goldswain (see and also Our boat lights were not operational, and so our swim was called off after an hour at 04h30 (later diagnosed as a flat battery).

In uncertain conditions, all four swimmers were given the option of swimming for an hour before deciding whether to swim or not. All 4 continued; unfortunately Lydia aborted after 7 hours due to severe pain (see blog listed above). Although not a completed Channel swim, bear in mind that this is the equivalent to a full working day for most people - and it was a really tough day at the office for Lydia.

14h00 Lunch at the White Horse, where swimmers who have completed their Channel crossings scribble their names, dates & one-liners on the wall, ceiling, or anywhere there is space. The one that caught my eye was "when the going gets tough, the sprinters get out."

19h00 Pilot Chris Osmond suggested not swimming tomorrow due to expected headwinds. The immediate response was to open the nearest bottle of red wine to go with supper (more pasta with fish!).