andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 14, 2006

Dover 14 Aug 2006

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View of France


View of France from the top of the Dover Cliffs at our accommodation at Varne Ridge

15h00 On standby for swim tomorrow (a day early). Will confirm @ 19h00. Uk summer as per Cape winter rain rain rain. Water warmer than home at 18 degrees. Wind swinging in our favour - hoping for NE to wash me onto French coast.

19h00 Although willing to swim a day early, we decided against the conditions.

Dover 2006 08 09

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Landed at Gatwick, and drove straight down to Dover harbour for a swim to shake off the travel aches. In photo are Peter (ex-South African & proprietor of Hughbert House, one of the swimmers’ hangouts), myself, Fran & Hugh Tucker, Michelle Santilhano (a South African based in USA preparing for a Channel swim), Ed (England) & Piyush (almost 16 years old, from India). 

Sunday 13 August

The Dover festival was on for the weekend, with displays from the airforce, coast guard, Newfoundland dogs etc. We were given our private airshow by the Red Arrows while on Sheakespeare beach (see photo’s below).