andy’s english channel swim: august 2007

August 4, 2006

Week 2006 08 06

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I think the physio stuck a dozen needles in my back just to shut me up, but my first acupuncture session was startlingly successful; I had a light swim the next day, and was back in the squad sessions by Thursday.

Saturday finished with a 15 x 50m set, with the successive 5 x 50m in 60 sec, 50 sec & 45 sec intervals. Felt good & strong, finishing each on about 36-37 seconds with long controlled strokes.

Week 2006 07 30

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What was about to become a Superovercompensation week (see Jon Ackland page 25) turned into a minor crisis on the weekend. Picking up one of our Wiemaraners (dog!) at the vet on Saturday, I re-injured my lower back, and was hardly able to move, let alone train for the rest of the weekend.

Superovercompensation (see book by John Ackland listed under Resources page 25 )

"Superovercompensation, apart from being the longest word in the book, is the same as overcompensation, only more so. It involves subjecting the athlete to greater training loads than usual. This results in "over-adaptation" to the training load. Superovercompensation puts the athlete into a mildly overtrained ststae for a short time (a few days). As long as this period is only brief, adverse effects can be avoided.This technique seems to be most effective in sports where muscular stress is low, as in cycling and swimming.  

"Inexperienced athletes should not attempt superovercompensation as it is a physiologically and psychologically sever form of training. Nor should it be used more than once during a build-up; one bout before tapering is most effective, one to three weeks before an event.

"If done correctly it will produce a maximum peak above that of a traditional build-up."